Exclusive Event Games sisters provide South Florida with exciting high quality state-of-the-art party and event rental games

After starting their careers in separate industries, sisters Julie and Carolina realized they had a knack for organizing events like shows, conferences, receptions, and dinners at their respective jobs—Julie as a Theater Operations Manager at the Colony Theater and Carolina as a Public Relations Media Manager at NewmanPR. “We both loved events, so we had a brainstorming dinner where we thought of ways we could make this [business] happen,” Julie says. Drawing from their own event-organizing experiences and their passion for perfection and high quality, the sisters started a small-scale rental company, Exclusive Event Games.

Standout Style: When executing events, the sisters strive to provide South Florida with exciting high quality state of the art party and event rental games. The company caters to corporate, public, and private events.

Moving Up: Exclusive Event Games currently has one laser maze trailer and bopping heads system, but the sisters hope to purchase a larger maze next summer and take on bigger events.

Though getting along with your sibling is sometimes a challenge, they can also be your biggest supporter, especially in business. They are sisters who found strength in family bonds and a way to balance their different areas of expertise to bring success to their growing party and event rental company.

"The main strength of our partnership is that we are sisters. We believe in each other and are extremely passionate about providing new experiences with a high level of customer service. As young entrepreneurs in business together, we already have the foundation of trust, respect and communication. We know that our relationship as sisters is more important than our partnership as business owners. The mutual love and respect we have for one another allows our partnership to flourish and continue to grow.  We also know everything about each other so each knows how the other will deal with a crisis or a situation. We know which one of us would be better equipped to handle certain situations. We balance each other out!"

                           Sisters Carolina and Julie

                          Sisters Carolina and Julie

Exclusive Event Party Rentals are great for:

•          Birthday parties
•          Corporate events
•          School carnivals
•          School Fundraisers
•          Summer camps
•          Bar & Bat Mitzvahs
•          Church events
•          Campus events
•          Special Occasions